How we work

Agile Methodology

Flexible team approach,
for continuous delivery of value.

Cloud Infrastructure

Robust and scalable,
suits all project sizes.

Advanced Technologies

The AI future is already here,
embrace it with us.

Commitment & Perfection

Disciplined follow up,
for high quality product delivery.

What we do

Automation & Optimisation

Automation and optimisation of business processes saves both time and money. First we perform an analysis of your current processes, then we recommend improvements and implement them.

Machine Learning

Have a large amount of data but unsure how best to leverage it or expensive business processes that rely on human interpretation? Machine learning can help.

Development & Integration

Whether you need to add functionality to an existing system or build a new one from scratch, we can help. Have multiple systems that need to talk to each other? We can help with that too.

Monitoring & Audit

Tailored monitoring enables your business to be proactive instead of reactive, helping you spot patterns as they emerge. Auditing helps keep your data secure and your business streamlined, minimising your risk exposure.

Who we are

Henrik Assarsson
Founder & CEO

Nerd herder

Finding intelligent people to make him look smart since '04.

Oskar Lundgren
Founder & CTO

Technology addict

So deep in the stack he falls asleep during power cuts.

Patrik Björkman
Head of Operations

Linux guru

So good he has almost automated himself out of a job.

Stefan Fritzon
Software Engineer

Professional nerd

Lives long and prospers on correctly formatted code.

Johan Kuylenstierna
Software Engineer


Still trying to maximise the negative commuting distance to the office.

Robin la Fleur
Software Engineer

Once you go code...

Started out in Ops but managed to get out, found shelter among all the git branches.

Bobo Carlström
Operations Engineer

Recovering windows technician

Schedules his life in cron and secures his house with iptables.

Mikael Helin
Software Engineer

Algorithms R Us

Thinks we live inside a quantum computer game.

Rikard Axelsson
Software Engineer

Vue finder

Always hiding things behind interfaces.